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Mission - Empowering Learners

Members of the Constructivist Consortium believe in the following principles:

  • The learner is at the center of the educational process and knowledge results from socially constructed experiences.
  • Computers and communication technology create expanded opportunities for children to learn traditional concepts and additional opportunities to learn new things in new ways.
  • Hardware and software are best used in ways that enhance each student’s creative and intellectual development in a flexible open-ended fashion.
  • Students are empowered by abundant access to computers and while engaged in personally meaningful projects.
  • Teachers are in the best position to know how to meet the needs of their students.
  • Opportunities for student collaboration, communication and publishing are at least as important as access to information.
  • 21st Century students are creative, thoughtful and capable of responsible leadership in their schools and communities. Student empowerment is a key to academic success.

The Constructivist Consortium Members are: Tech4Learning, Schoolkit, LCSI, Inspiration Software, Generation YES & FableVision.

Gary S. Stager is the Executive Director of the Constructivist Consortium.
Melinda Kolk is the Deputy Director of the Constructivist Consortium.
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